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July 2024
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Terms & Conditions



Terms & Conditions


Please read our General Terms & Conditions prior to engaging with us for any service or purchase of any products either on-line or in-store.



To cancel or change an appointment, a we respectfully request a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Returns & Refunds

Please see our Refunds & Returns Policy

Our Use of Cookies 

Please see our Cookies Policy.


We reserve the right to request a deposit for any of the goods or services we offer – particularly for wedding bookings or orders of significant value. All deposits are non-refundable.


All vouchers are strictly non-refundable.

POSTED VOUCHERS are valid for both appointments and products in-store but CANNOT be used to purchase items online. POSTED VOUCHERS are valid for 6 months from date of purchase and cannot be extended except with the express confirmation of management only (Nichola/Lorraine). Extenuating circumstances may permit an extension by the discretion of management only.

E-VOUCHERS are to be used for items available to buy on our online store only. They carry no expiry date but WILL NOT be permitted for use in the salon for either products or services. 


Our pricing structure is subject to change without notice.


Please arrive on time for all appointments. Late arrival may result in a shortened appointment time (or loss of appointment altogether if impacting severely on your stylists working day) & will be charged at full price.

Shipping & Delivery

Orders are processed within 24hours, with exception to those orders placed on the weekend which will be processed on the next ‘salon working day’.

Orders placed during a day/period when the salon is closed will be processed on the next ‘salon working day’. All orders are posted by Royal Mail – 2nd class signed (where possible), with the exception of posted vouchers. The customer can choose between standard letter delivery or tracked delivery for the posting of vouchers.

Orders are normally delivered within 3-5 days subject to the constraints of the postal systems. LA Hair will accept no responsibility or liability for delays in parcel delivery.

We also offer a ‘Collect at Salon’ option. This is available to select at the checkout, if you would prefer to order online and collect the item at the salon. All items selected for collection at the salon by the customer – will require a minimum of 24hrs before being ready to collect and collection at the salon will only be permitted on the working days  of the salon. LA Hair will not offer any collection service on days the salon would not ‘normally’ be open for business – including set ‘closed’ days, any bank or public holidays or days where extenuating circumstances don’t permit for ‘normal’ working conditions at the premises. Please contact the salon in advance of any online purchase if you are unsure about delivery or collection options. 

Postage Rates are generally assessed on the merit of weight and size as can be cross checked on the Royal Mail website. Our postage rates will also account for packaging costs.

Options available include:


  • Posted Standard Letter (up to 100g) e.g. Posted Vouchers – 1st Class Standard Post (No Tracking) 85p
  • Posted Standard Letter (up to 100g) e.g. Posted Vouchers – 2nd Class Signed £2.06
  • Posted Parcel (1.001Kg – 2Kg) 2nd Class Signed £4.35
  • Posted Parcel (2.001g – 20,000g) 2nd Class Signed £9.99


  • Posted Standard Letter (up to 100g) e.g. Posted Vouchers – International Standard (No Tracking) £1.70
  • Posted Standard Letter (up to 100g) e.g. Posted Vouchers – International Tracked £6.75
  • Posted Parcel (1.001Kg – 2kg) International Tracked £10.55
  • Posted Parcel (2.001Kg – 15kg) International Tracked £18.75

*Where an order is anything other than a posted voucher we will ship your item with a contents value of up to £50 declared with Royal Mail. If you wish to have your item shipped with an increased shipping value please contact the salon prior to completing your order and we can advise.

*Please note – where a series of postal options are offered the default will always be for the ‘signed’ postage option which tends to be more expensive. The customer can feel free to opt for a cheaper postage option at their own discretion. This will not impact processing time of your order but may impact the delivery schedules (as per the working constraints of the postal system) and may negate the customer or the retailers ability to adequately track and trace an order once it leaves the salon. The correct selection of postage option along with a full understanding of the Terms & Conditions on our website remains the sole responsibility of the customer. Please contact the salon directly before making any postage selection if you are in anyway unsure as LA Hair are unable to issue refunds, credit notes or change the selected postage option after a purchase has been completed at the checkout.

*Please note that responsibility for the appropriate delivery option selected at checkout lies with the customer. LA Hair will not accept alterations to the delivery methods once the purchase has been completed at the online checkout. Nor will LA Hair initiate in any form of refund for a customer who wishes to collect at the salon once a postage option has already been selected and paid for.

Patch Tests

Colouring & scalp bleach services require a patch test 24 hours prior to your first treatment; this is for your safety.
Providing no adverse reactions take place, we will be happy to treat you safely. Please let us know if you have overly sensitive skin or any specific allergies that may be affected by our treatments or products.

Complaints Procedure

LA Hair endeavour’s to treat all its clients appropriately and fairly, and with the good grace and manners we all expect to be shown. If however, you are unhappy with a service, product or member of our staff you are entitled to lodge a complaint.

In all instances if you have a grievance you must make our salon management aware of your complaint so that they can deal with it appropriately on the day.  We encourage any client who is unhappy with a service provided to alert a member of staff while still in the salon. Failure to do so may result in our inability to resolve your complaint.

The Rights of The Salon

LA Hair reserves the right in any and all cases to decline any client or customer a product or service (either online, in salon or via social platforms) if to undertake such a service or provision of product were to negatively impact on the salon directly in such aspects as financial loss, financial disrepute, negative impact to our reputation, impact on the safety and/or health of our employees or other customers, or any other aspect that LA Hair deems a reasonable and valid merit to decline service or products.

All social and online content remains the property of LA Hair. No content should be copied, relisted, re-used, re-advertised or issued without the express consent and acceptance of LA Hair.

We reserve the right to retract, update, amend and change any and all of our online content including pricing structure, coupon validity, offers and sales without notice.

We reserve the right to retract any misleading or inaccurate information or amend any inaccurate pricing components online and on our socials without notice.

We consider any and all attempts to actively engage in the sabotage of our online systems, financial systems, security protocols or the attempted breaching of these systems as abhorrent misconduct. In all cases we will pursue the appropriate courses of action.