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July 2024
What are we doing


Keep Safe

Precautions during your appointment


We can all appreciate that it has been an extremely difficult time for many with everyone experiencing at least some impact from COVID-19 in some way or another, over the past years. The ever changing rules and regulations can be hard to follow, let alone implement. We have throughout the pandemic, and continue, to put our staff and clients safety to the front of our focus and have been fortunate that our clients have worked with us and continue to follow the guidance which is greatly appreciated.  Although the COVID-19 threat is by no means gone – there is a sense that we are getting some normality back bit by bit – whatever normal ends up being. With this you may find your salon experience a little different

what can i expect when i visit the salon

You will notice some differences on your next visit to the salon, compared to what you were accustomed to pre COVID-19. Please familiarise yourself with the below safety precautions and requirements prior to visiting the salon for your appointment.

  1. If you are feeling anyway unwell, suffering from any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, or have had contact with anyone else in the last two weeks suffering COVID symptoms – please DO NOT visit the salon. This is to try and protect those clients that may be more vulnerable.
  2. A face covering can be worn at your own discretion.
  3. Some clients & staff members may be present in the salon without a face covering. We respectfully ask all clients to understand and appreciate this prior to arrival to your appointment. We have protective screens between stations as a precautionary measure but as mask wearing is now recommended guidance and no longer a compulsory measure please understand that the wearing of a mask is now discretionary.
  4. Please sanitize your hands upon entry & exit at the hand sanitizing station.
  5. We respectfully request that clients do not wander or move around the salon floor or from one station to another.
  6. The salon toilet will be reserved for staff use only.
  7. Please respect that we are doing as much as we can with the current situation to encourage a safe salon environment. If you have any issues, concerns or wish to ask any questions about our working practice during the pandemic or in respect of your appointment – please do this prior to being seated for your service. We will accommodate our customers to the best of our ability however no appointment is without a certain element of risk given the public retail setting. We continue to appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. 

We appreciate this may leave your salon experience different in comparison to what you are used to, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the same for your stylist. We will try our best to make your appointment as enjoyable and pleasant as possible however the above measures are required to achieve the highest possible levels of safety of clients and staff alike.